Winter Solstice chanting meditation 2017

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Winter Solstice Chanting and Meditation in Melbourne 2017

Shine your light at this heart-warming solstice celebration. Winter Solstice Chanting and Meditation will delight you spiritually, musically and socially. Be energised, entertained and enlightened. No drugs, no alcohol and all love! 

Imagine yourself singing, moving or dancing to celebrate the blessings of winter, enjoying an immersion in blissful ecstatic music and sound healing, and experiencing complete inner freedom, and as the evening ends your spirit floats above an ocean of om chants.


This celebration features contemporary, universal chanting and healing music. A pulsing, flowing, and always nurturing mix of music filled with rich harmonies, adorned with timeless melodies that are easy to learn and easy to sing. With its roots in the western musical tradition, and attuned to awakening consciousness, the music vibrates with influences from the 1960s through to intuitive soundscapes. Memorable mantras, predominantly in English with occasional Sanskrit and Tibetan references, add colour and depth to the melodies. 

The event is present by Jarek Czechowicz who leads the chanting and meditation. Gifted musicians accompany Jarek's chants, and bring with them influences from diverse styles and cultures. Sound healer and world percussionist Ami Hasson comes from a tradition of middle eastern music, reggae, and sound healing. Bassist Costa Hagi was trained in jazz and improvisation. And at times additional guest performers appear playing exotic instruments. 

Between the mystic grooves and sacred songs you can immerse yourself into moments of deep silence to cultivate seeds of gratitude and peace. A quiet mind, or at least a quieter mind, is one of the priceless experiences that many people have taken away from these events, not to mention a lasting sense of bliss and inner peace.

Come and sing, dance, and socialise with a loving community that values spiritual awakening. It's a beautiful way of connecting with people, and reconnecting with inner stillness, well being, and your creative potential. 


The venue, full of character, is comfortably heated and imbued with the uplifting vibrations of countless positive events and gatherings. For extra comfort you bring your own cushion or blanket to place on the carpeted floor or on a seat. And if needed you can find a space to lay down and absorb the healing vibrations of the sounds, while soothing light and colour ebbs and flows gently around you.


On this occasion everyone brings a vegetarian supper snack to share. Aromatic Chai, freshly made and brewed without caffeine, is available for free during the social breaks. It's a great time to meet new friends and to catch up with dear friends. Remember to share this event with them!


If you're feeling particularly creative then bring a lantern, or make one. For indoor safety please use only battery operated lights in your lantern.

Universal Chants EXAMPLES

  • The light reveals our blessed way. The night is longing for the day. Awakening we pray: May the days be filled with love.
  • I am earth, I am air, I am water, I am fire, I am everything, and all is good, so I sing.
  • Love! Love! Love I call your name, and in your joy I will remain I call your name.
  • Peaceful day, peaceful way, peaceful heart come what may.
  • Hari Om Mane Padme Hum.
  • Om Namah Shivaya.
  • Hey Ya Hey Ya.


Between each chant a deep silence arises, pregnant with bliss and inner peace. The evening will close with meditation accompanied by a large chorus of flowing om chants.


TBA - Sat 17 June 2017. Allow time for parking in surrounding streets.


Augustine Centre, 2 Minona St, Hawthorn, Vic.


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Buy your tickets now at: TBA

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$TBA Adult, cash only at the door on 18 June


Child $0   This event is also suitable for quiet children who have a natural inclination to participate quietly during the meditation. 

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Augustine Centre, 2 Minona St, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia

Drive: Melway Map 45 E11

Car Parks:  St. Columbs Church Car Park , 4 Paterson Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122    More Parking Options

Train: Auburn Station (7 minute walk)

Train: Glenferrie Station (13 minute walk)

Tram: Burwood/Glenferrie Rd (10 minute walk)

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