Chants for Children

Chanting gives children a deep sense of connection and belonging, essential for well being. Jarek's uplifting words and melodies help children to feel joyful and calm. The repitition of the words and melody of a chant makes its positive message very memorable. Have a listen to some of the chants below and share them with children at your school.


The children at Wooranna Park Primary School were taught Peaceful Day by their music teacher Jeremy Collings. The chant was so effective and popular that it has since been sung at many school assemblies.

Peaceful day, peaceful way, peaceful heart, come what may.


Love, Love, Love I call your name, and in your joy I will remain, I call your name.

Watch Love I Call Your Name performed by Kavisha at the Woodford Folk Festival

This chant has been sung all around Australia by ARIA award winning folk singer Kavisha Mazzella, recipient of the Order of Australia in 2011.

Love I Call Your Name promotes unity, compassion and understanding and is a wonderful way to set the tone for any community gathering.

I Am

I am earth, I am air, I am water, I am fire, I am everything, and all is good, so I sing.

'I Am' reminds children of their connection with nature and each other. This version is sung by the children of Wooranna Park Primary School.

Hey Ya

Hey Ya, hey ya, hey ya, hey ya. Hey Ya, hey ya, hey ya, hey ya. Hey-ya, hey-ya.

Hey Ya was inspired by the chant and dance of Native American Indian traditions and children love to repeat the simple two-syllable call.

Love and Be Free

Love and be free. Love and be free. Life is a mystery, Love is the key.

Chanting offers a wonderful shared experience and the chants contain a positive, uplifting and memorable message that can be a source of comfort for many years to come.

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