WHY Donate?

Some people have found that Jarek's music, chants, meditations, talks and writings have had a very positive and even profound effect on their lives. They felt moved to support the development of this work through generous donations. If you feel you would like to make a donation then here are a few avenues by which you can do so. 

Fund a Project

Funding a project will help to create new recordings, publish existing recordings and writings, or create special events for the broader community or for people with special needs. 

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy will help to grow this work in more substantial ways like buying and upgrading essential technology or developing a physical property. 


Cash options include Bank Deposits, Electronic Funds Transfer, Money Orders, Wire Transfers, and of course, cash. 

Cheque / CHECK

Please make your cheque payable to: Jarek Czechowicz
Mail to: PO Box 22 , Belgrave 3160, VIC Australia


You can send your donation via email to info@jarekc.com or you can click the 'Donate' icon below to access your Paypal account.


Bitcoin (BTC) is a new form of e-cash.



Altcoins are new forms of e-cash.