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Love I Call Your Name

'Love I Call Your Name' is a universal invocation of love composed by Jarek Czechowicz. It is a love song in the form of a chant to be repeated over and over to manifest inner peace, and harmony among individuals and communities, it is a calling to the highest in each of us.

On 1 January 2012, ARIA award-winning singer Kavisha Mazzella and the Fire Choir, chanted 'Love I Call Your Name' as part of the Farewell Ceremony of the Woodford Folk Festival.

This recording is an excerpt from a DVD of Woodford Folk Festival Farewell Ceremony titled 'The Final Piece'. You can purchase this beautiful DVD from film-maker Jazz Meyer,

Please note that the text that appears over this clip does not appear in the DVD.

Artistic & Technical Director: Neil Cameron
Assistant Director: Alex Podger
Production Manager: Lily Podger
Stills Photographer: Miki Clarke
Film Crew: Adrian Pagano , Jazz Meyer, Adrian Spoljarevic

If you have a video of a performance of this chant at your special event or ceremony then please send us the link to your video clip via


Awaken is a chant I composed in 2007. This recording was made in the Supper Room of the Melbourne Town Hall in 2007. The performers from left to right are: Will Fraser (guitar), Michael Arvanitakis (bass), Jarek (guitar, voice), Paul Watt (tabla), Steve Jay (sitar).

I use the sound Shivaya in this and other chants to symbolise the ever-changing, tranforming nature of reality. I hope it helps you to flow as harmoniously as possible with the currents of life.

Timeless Time

The musical idea for this chant came to me on the day I heard that George Harrison died. Then sometime later in 2003 I turned the seed into a song. And this is the chorus of the song. I hope it gives you a sense of joy and deep gratitude for the people and loved ones in your life. If you sing this chant with your chant group then I'd be happy to hear about it.

Sat Chid Ananda

An orginal chant composed by Jarek Czechowicz. The musicians in this video are Jarek (guitar, voice) with David James (flute), Michael Arvanitakis (bass), Paul Watt (tabla). Recorded at Jarek's Peace Music Meditations - a chanting satsang.

Love Because

This is a chant I composed in 2004. The performers here are Jarek (guitar, voice) with Carmen Warrington (singing bowls), Rupert Guenther (violin), Paul Watt (tabla), Will Fraser (bass), Mary Knights-Rutten (cello), Swami Samnyasananda (voice), Kimberley Roberts (voice) and Tantrachakra (voice).

Peace Music at MTH

This is the only surviving footage of Peace Music Chanting at Melbourne Town Hall in 2005 for the event DisAbility and Spirituality. Featured in this clip is Venerable Lobsang Tendar, chant master and artist. On stage in this clip, from left to right, Sal Kimber (singer), Kate Tempany (tabla), Jarek (guitar, voice), Brian Fisher (yoga teacher), Tanya Adams (yoga teacher), and Venerable Lobsang Tendar (Tibetan chant master).