The Broken Hearted

Verse 1
The broken hearted disagree,
While merging silently,
With everything they see.

The broken hearted want someone,
Their tears are cast and spun,
like diamonds 'round the Sun.

Ha-re Ha-re Kri-shna,
Ha-re Ha-re Ra-ma.
Ha-re Ha-re Kri-shna,
Ha-re Ha-re Ra-ma.

Verse 2
The broken hearted fall asleep,
Forgetting as they weep,
The Joy they long to keep.

The broken hearted look for Peace,
Awaiting its release,
Into thoughts that never cease.

Verse 3
The broken hearted learn to pray,
Resting in the Way,
Upon a timeless day.

The broken hearted sing their chants,
Surrendered to the Dance,
Awake Divine Romance!



Words and music by Jarek Czechowicz
Composed 11 November 2003
©2003 Jarek Czechowicz

PO Box 22 Belgrave 3160 VIC Australia