The Bliss

Verse 1
There's never quite enough of this,
so we keep singing for the Bliss.
There's no beginning and no end.
Hey! Here we go again.

Ha - - re Kri - - shna, Kri - - shna Ha - - re
Ha - - re Ra - - ma, Ra - - ma Ha - - re

Verse 2
There never was, there never will,
there only is, forever still.
We're always there, it isn't when.
Hey! Here we go again.

Verse 3
The stars are bright because they know
the Light that gives them all their glow.
They shine without but look within.
Hey! Here we go again.

Verse 4
The Dawn reveals each realm at play,
we wave them on their merry way.
Come all Ye Faithful, joyful friends.
Hey! Here we go again.

Verse 5
The time is Now and all are free,
their Gift is wrapped in Mystery.
There's too much Joy to comprehend.
Hey! Here we go again.

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Verse 6
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Words and Music by Jarek Czechowicz
Composed 1- 9 October 2003
©2003 Jarek Czechowicz

PO Box 22 Belgrave 3160 VIC Australia