Intuitive Music Is:

A natural way of creating music.
A form of improvised music.
Based in spontaneous cooperation between musicians.
Reliant on self-management.
Music that develops in the moment.
Not generally notated with symbols.
Recorded for study and posterity aurally and through audio recording.
Generally created by two or more people.
Constantly changing and always new.
Tonal, atonal, polytonal, microtonal, sound FX, natural sound.
Based in community building.
Acoustic, electric, electronic.
Unprepared wherever and whenever possible.
Soundscaped, formed, unformed.
Minimally hierarchic, maximally organic.
Relaxing and refreshing.
Melodic, contrapuntal, harmonic, inharmonic.
Considerate and respectful of others while discarding inhibitions.
The continuous transformation of musical ideas.
Supportive of all participants.
A musical meditation.
To be continued....

The Solution To Noise In Music
Every generation thinks that the music of the next generation is noise, eventually they will be right :)

Last revised: 14 February 2005