Reincarnation is generally understood as being the transmigration of the soul or spirit  from body to body across lifetimes. There is also a view of reincarnation relating to the birth and death of cells within the body over the course of a life, which as we know, is accompanied by a sense of continuity of the self. Your childhood body passed away sometime ago, yet you feel you are the same person. Fundamentally the commonly held view of reincarnation is the sense of something unique persisting across change, the key elements being: that which is unchanging, and that which changes. 

Knowing that you are here is your sense of 'I am', of being present, of being an individual.  Every thought has as its reference this primal thought of being. And every perception has as its reference the stillness of pure awareness that underlies the finite 'I am' consciousness.

Awareness implies something other than itself.  In order for the 'I am' consciousness to manifest or appear as an individual it must by its very nature be distinct from something else. The awareness of 'self' is the transition from statelessness into seperation.  Fundamental to the individual being, is the state of the observer, or that which perceives.

Each act of perception continues the sense of individual 'being'. Like awareness the essential nature of perception is also the knowledge of 'otherness' and then of change, and finally of infinite details. There is no end to the degree of variation that can manifest -  appearing as objects, beings, worlds, dimensions, or lifetimes - as long as there is conscious awareness. 

The mind stream is the countless impressions passing through the awareness of the finite 'I am', which experiences itself to be travelling through its perceptions. Time and space appear in conjunction with the first separation, the first impression, when the finite 'I am' perceives itself as separate from the eternal 'I AM'. 

Perceptions, including reincarnation, are part of the changing scenery of the stream of mind that human beings inhabit. Being ignorant of their source individuals look out unknowingly from a shared stillness at the changing scenery of life, which can contain one lifetime or many apparent reincarnations. 

Reincarnation is transient, a part of the change and otherness that the finite 'I am' perceives. From this perspective there is nothing transmigrating from body to body. The finite 'I am', whose source is the eternal 'I AM', watches and experiences timeless transformation appearing  in infinite forms of itself.

The individual, the 'indivi - dual', the 'indivisible duality', emanates from perfect stillness, from love,  while the things of duality appear to change, until the senses of awareness no longer perceive an other.