Fear is an anticipation of something happening that is painful or distressing. Fear can be insidious and it impedes intuition, clear thinking and skilful action. It is a root cause of trouble within the mind, and among people. Those not aware of this are at heightened risk of experiencing chronic anxiety. Fear is the opposite of love, it takes away our peace and our freedom. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, it distracts our attention away from the present moment, and the ever present peace that is our true nature.  


If fear was a product we would not buy it with money, so why should we accept it with our energy, our time or attention. Fear makes a challenging situation worse, and it can be used to manipulate those who feel seperate and helpless into giving up their freedom.


Fortunately inner peace is available to everyone, all we need to do is keep bringing it to people's attention through our own peace and through uplifting gatherings and events. Outer peace is an expression and extension of inner peace. 

We have the capacity to deal with a difficult or painful situation as it is, without fear or its associated psychological suffering. The solutions to all our problems, personal and social, real or imagined, arise out of an unfathomable source of peace and creativity. May we stay attuned to inner peace to live fearlessly, skilfully, and with compassion.