Merry Christmas To Your Inner Child

Merry Christmas to your inner child, inhabiting a realm untouched by suffering, who finds wonder in simple things, peace in silent moments, and whose joy can light up the world.

Despite the troubles of the world, whether they involve bodily health or political turmoil, you can always maintain a connection with that which brings light to the world. Imagine the fire keepers of ancient times, whose descendants can still be found in parts of India today, and how they must have guarded against the wind and rain. What is it that can make you forget to guard your inner light? 

Complexity distracts and overwhelms many people as they grow into adulthood. Poor mental and emotional habits make life more complex that it need be. Even if your actions are guided by clear thinking and the intellectual light of ethics,  a spiritual light can reveal snags and turns on the path that might otherwise remain unnoticed. 

Finding simplicity in complexity helps you to process problems in bite sized pieces. Finding wonder in simplicity helps you to appreciate the moment instead of feeling overwhelmed. Finding peace in silent moments helps you to find peace in difficult situations.  All of this, including your inner child is held in the realm of pure awareness, of unconditional love. The world cannot affect it, yet the world is affected  by it. Do you know your way back to this source? I expect that you do or you wouldn't be reading this, but sometimes a reminder is helpful.

May you and everyone around you find peace, now, and always.