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Love Chant Kirtan "Gospel Choir" Choir Ceremony Concert

Love I Call Your Name

'Love I Call Your Name' is a universal invocation of love composed by Jarek Czechowicz. It is a love song in the form of a chant to be repeated over and over to manifest inner peace, and harmony among individuals and communities, it is a calling to the highest in each of us.

On 1 January 2012, ARIA award-winning singer Kavisha Mazzella and the Fire Choir, chanted 'Love I Call Your Name' as part of the Farewell Ceremony of the Woodford Folk Festival.

This recording is an excerpt from a DVD of Woodford Folk Festival Farewell Ceremony titled 'The Final Piece'. You can purchase this beautiful DVD from film-maker Jazz Meyer,

Please note that the text that appears over this clip does not appear in the DVD.

Artistic & Technical Director: Neil Cameron
Assistant Director: Alex Podger
Production Manager: Lily Podger
Stills Photographer: Miki Clarke
Film Crew: Adrian Pagano , Jazz Meyer, Adrian Spoljarevic

If you have a video of a performance of this chant at your special event or ceremony then please send us the link to your video clip via