Spring chanting meditation 2019

Spring Chanting Meditation in Melbourne 2019

Gift yourself the pure joy experience of total immersion chanting and ignite your natural capacity for happiness, relaxation and meditation. Nourish yourself through singing, sublime music, healing soundscapes. Enjoy a sense of deep connection with an inspiring and compassionate community. Embrace your next stage of growth with renewed viguor and optimism, with a clear mind, and an enlightened heart.

"[I value] the sense of connection, community and spirituality that was fostered. I appreciated us being invited to bring and share food, to speak with people we didn’t know at the break, the lovely space with options for being still or to move, to sit on chairs, on cushions or lying down. The wide age range. Altogether an evening to remember. It was profoundly uplifting with a strong sense of connection and community; inclusive, warm, and joyous." M. Weiss

Arrive early, allowing enough time for parking in the surrounding streets. The evening will start with chanting at 6:30 PM with an intermission at approximately 7:45PM to 8:15 PM, followed by chanting until 9:30 PM. The chants will be punctuated by moments of silence and/or healing sounscapes and intuitive music. The evening will culminate with an awe inspiring chorus of free flowing OM chanting.

"Awesome. Really delightful and very valuable for anyone who wants to continue deepening a connection with spirituality ... suitable for people from any spiritual tradition as well as for people who are new to chanting." Claire

There will be one intermission at this event, and you are welcome to stay on and socialise at the end. Bring a vegetarian supper snacks to share at intermission, or at the end, and enjoy uplifting conversations over a freshly brewed cups of free chai. And there is no caffeine in the chai, so you can sleep soundly when you get home, assuming that you will want to leave.

"So much love and spirituality in one room" M. Crichton

The venue has carpeted floor, a number of cushions, and many freestanding chairs. If ulimate comfort is important to you then bring your favourite cushion or blanket. You are free to sit, stand, move, dance or lie down during the event, and you are free to leave and enter the main hall as needed, while being very considerate and not disturbing others during quiet moments..

"Relaxing, nurturing, bliss. The chanting brings you to state of relaxation where you can connect to your true self with ease and grace." J. Jayne

This event is suitable for children who have a natural inclination to participate quietly, and there is no charge for children to attend. To receive discounted tickets to this event choose the subscriber option when you purchase your ticket. You are free to unsubscribe at any time if it doesn't suit your needs.

"Everything was fantastic. Made my heart sing for days." J. Hansford

Universal Chants

Below are some of the chant lyrics and mantras we will sing.

  • The light reveals our blessed way. The night is longing for the day. Awakening we pray: May the days be filled with love.

  • I am earth, I am air, I am water, I am fire, I am everything, and all is good, so I sing.

  • Love! Love! Love I call your name, and in your joy I will remain I call your name.

  • There’s a jewel in the lotus flower unfolding deep within my soul.

  • Peaceful day, peaceful way, peaceful heart come what may.

  • Hari Om Mane Padme Hum.

  • Om Namah Shivaya.

  • Feel the river running through my veins,
    Feel her water wash away my pain.
    Stars of fire burning through the night,
    Truth and beauty be my guiding light.
    Take this moment like a breath of air,
    Letting go is being everywhere.
    Earth is spinning 'round beneath my feet,
    Life is dancing to the one heart beat.

    Hey Ya, Hey Ya, Hey Ya, Hey Ya …

  • The light in you is the light in me
    Shine that light and you will see
    The light in you is the light in me
    5 4 3 2 We are One, Om


Saturday 28 September 2019, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Allow time for parking in surrounding streets.


Augustine Hall, Swell Centre, 2 Minona St, Hawthorn, Vic.
Located at the end of the street on the left hand side.


New Subscriber/Subscriber discount

When you buy this ticket you confirm that you are, and each attendee is, or chooses to be, a subscriber. This offer does not apply ‘at the door’.

$35 Concession card
$40 Adult


These tickets are for those who want to enjoy this event without subscribing.

$45 Concession - available to 12 PM, 28 September
$50 Adult - available to 12 PM, 28 September


This event is suitable for quiet children who have a natural inclination to participate quietly during the meditation. 
$0  Child


There are no discounts on door tickets..

$55 Concession, cash only at the door on 28 September
$60 Adult, cash only at the door on 28 September

Volunteers / Helpers

Send a message via the contact form, or email info@jarekc.com, outlining in a few words the experience you have or the service you can offer.


Augustine Hall, Swell Centre, 2 Minona St, Hawthorn, 3122 VIC, Australia

Drive: Melway Map 45 E11

Car Parks:  St. Columbs Church Car Park , 4 Paterson Street, Hawthorn VIC 3122    More Parking Options

Train: Auburn Station (7 minute walk)

Train: Glenferrie Station (13 minute walk)

Tram: Burwood/Glenferrie Rd (10 minute walk)