Power for Change

A clean alternative to dirty power came to my attention this year, it's called Poweshop. I looked into it and was sufficiently impressed to change my electricity supplier. Having experienced  this new service for a number of months I now purchase my electricity many months in advance. Like you I'm interested in reducing pollution and supporting a well managed socially conscious business.  The significant savings have also been helpful.

Powershop is offering to credit your account with $75 if you switch to Powershop in the following way: 

1) Send me an email at info@jarekc.com and write 'Powershop' in the subject line.
2) You will receive a my referral in an email from powershop containing a link.
3) Click that link to set up your Powershop account.

$75 will be credited to your account once the switch to Powershop is completed. You can then use the savings to attend more chanting and meditation events. And I will also receive a credit which helps me to do more of my work, and to power it in a sustainable way.