Reviews: Once

"soothing ... deeply impressive."
ABC Radio National, Phillip Adams

"elegantly composed ... will entice you to just sit back and relax ... delightful, subtle ... music for any occasion."
Music Trader Magazine

"a unique spontaneous feel ... some tracks are slow and sensuous ... others are energising and uplifting ... an emotion filled work of art."
What's on The Planet

"vibrant ... moodily reflective ... it should be played loudly to fully absorb the music's richness of tone."
The Age

"And now for something completely different (music without rules). They have obviously well managed the difficulties which the exercise imposed to create music which is intriguing but calming ... jazz, classical, new-age and world music."
Canberra Times

The Performers

David James, flute and alto flute
Jarek Czechowicz, acoustic guitar

A musical dialogue

Jarek Czechowicz and David James usually start their recording sessions with a long conversation about anything but the music about to be recorded. The music is a separate and unique conversation that moves beyond language.

Their combined musical influences cover pop, classical, electronic, brazilian, jazz, avant-garde and improvised music. These are drawn into the creative acoustic music dialogue captured in this recording.

Natural Rhythms

The rhythms of this music tend to flow more than pulse. The avoidance of mechanical rhythms provides a sense of space and freedom.

An inspiring Quotation from the CD Sleeve

"Between the idea and the reality between the motion and the act falls the shadow." T.S. Elliot