What is meditation with Jarek?

Meditation is the ultimate and most natural expression of life. It's like a light that helps you to clearly see your thoughts, emotions and actions. It can be very easily incorporated into your daily life because it's an essential state of your being that thas been forgotten or neglected. Consequently you can begin to apply what you experience immediately.

Meditation with Jarek is about being free of conditioned thoughts and emotions. Consider it this way: Dreaming is related to sleeping consciousness, thinking is related to waking consciousness, and meditation is related to awakened consciousness.

Who is it for?

It will suit anyone interested in:

  • experiencing tranquility and inner peace
  • understanding consciousness and awareness
  • managing thoughts and emotions
  • the nature of thought
  • mindfulness
  • clear thinking
  • spiritual awakening, liberation, or enlightenment
  • wellbeing

You can meditate easily and you can start to meditate today!

What will I experience?

For starters you can sit on a chair or on the floor, and you might like to bring your favourite cushion. Jarek often leads a chant to start and end the meditation, and those who enjoy singing are welcome to join in. If you prefer not to sing then you can enjoy the music as you settle in. The meditation includes periods of guided meditation and periods of silent meditation. Simple and effective personal guidance is available if required.

Is it religious?

This is a non-denominational and purely experiential approach to meditation and is not related to any belief system.

How will it help me?

Some people enter a deep natural meditation very quickly. However, if you feel distracted by a busy mind or emotions then you can still benefit from the meditation. Consider it this way, dreams can be full of dream thoughts but they won't prevent you from entering dreamless sleep. Similarly your mind can be busy with thoughts yet you can still awaken to transcend those thoughts. If your mind is very busy then meditation can assist you in discovering a natural way to relax.

Will it cure my illness?

Meditation with Jarek is not intended to cure any medical condition. A knowledge of meditation will assist you to enhance and maintain your general wellbeing, as will eating a healthy diet, or exercising, or having a good social life. In this way it might be of assistance to you.

In 2009 Dr Niddhi Sharma, Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, and Clinical Researcher, conducted a survey of people experiencing anxiety and depression as a result of acquired brain injury, or as a result of being a relative or carer of someone with an acquired brain injury. They were attending special private group programs with Jarek held between 2004 and 2009. Dr Sharma concluded that:

"the facilitated meditation and chanting approach of Jarek Czechowicz has significantly benefited this group. Indications are that it could be of benefit to others placing it high on the list of non-medical complementary health choices ..." Dr Niddhi Sharma, Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, and Clinical Researcher


Meditation with Jarek is suitable for anyone who is able to sit quietly for at least 60 minutes.

Where and When

Meditation is included in a number of Jarek's events. You might also wish to book Jarek to present a session or series of sessions for your organisation or for your network. Subscribe to the newsletter to be kept informed of upcoming programs.