Reviews: Gift

"tremendously evocative ... exceptionaly high-quality independent release."
Financial Review, Great Discs
"mesmerising ... profoundly beautiful ... Turn the lights down, relax and enjoy."
The Boite, World Music Organisation, 3RD magazine
"inspired music ... engaging and relaxing ... a soothing way to unwind ..."
Australian Massage Therapists Association, AMTA Journal
"the essence of peace and relaxation ... This music is meditative and non-intrusive with a distinctly oriental flavour."
The Society of Clinical Masseurs, Society News
"Many of the musical phrases were formed around the duration of a relaxed breath. This gives 'Gift' a calming quality"
ABC Radio National, What's On The Planet
"remarkably, their hushed collaboration sounds assiduosly composed but is entirely improvised ... relaxing ... atmospheric ... melodic grace ..."
The Australian

The Performers

Anne Norman, Shakuhachi or Japanese bamboo flute
Jarek Czechowicz, Acoustic Guitar


After their first meeting on New Years Eve 1996 Jarek Czechowicz and Anne Norman knew that a unique musical work was in the making. With no preparation or discussion of the music they simply played. Their next two meetings produced this recording.


The music was created through the musicians' ability to react to each others ideas instantly. Rapport at this level usually takes many years to develop.


The shakuhachi is a Japanese bamboo flute. Consequently this recording has an Asian influence in its sparse and elegant melodic lines.

An inspiring quotation from the CD sleeve

" thread for that weaver, whose web within me growing follows beyond my knowing some pattern sprung from nothing - a rhythm that dances and is not mine." Judith Wright, Australian Poet